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Saturday, March 21, 2009


直到十点钟,终于送完了,又要赶回来KP interview, 背penngetua,felo和naib canselor的名字。好不容易轮到我interview,那个死人felo又要为难我。问我一些无关痛痒的问题。还说我不守kolej的规矩,我哪有啊???算了,反正都过了,不开心也没用了。

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My LOVE for u....a turtle in UTM

When the first day i cum to UTM,i met you at arked k9.
20/07/2007,jessica introduce you to me...
"This is our new junior~vee vian..."said jessica...
The first sight i saw you,u make me feel that...hmm..dis guy so smart ya..haha
Since the first day i come to UTM,i unhappy,so sad and damn down.....i HATE far away from my lovely home~IPOH..i am the only daughter for my parents,i never live alone since that.
But,i tell myself,i must tough!
When you know that i unhappy,you always care for me..Always ask jessica :"how is vee vian le?she ok ma?"Everyday when i went to dinner with you guys,dis is the most excited and happy time for me...u guys all treat me so gud,care that time i feel like i am a "little princess" in utm..haha
But....after 2weeks....u guys didn't dinner with me anymore....leave me alone and want me dinner with my roommate...the stupid reason i heard from "sum1"is....v so hard to match the dinner time with u...ok,it's ok for me..i think i have to find new frens le...can't always stick with u all de ma...
From that day,v didn't met each other anymore...although u stay at Kolej Perdana,when we met at the bus,u oso dun want say hi with we dunno each other...ok,fine..just like we dunno each other lo...
A usual day in August....u send me more than 5 smiles at friendster...give me your contact number and want me contact with u...
At that moment,i so happy...v start to sms everyday...
I cook red beans soup for you,prepare "warm and lovely"dinner for hands injured i oso not long as is cook 4 u...
One day,in the night,u ask me:"i can feel that u like that my feeling wrong??"
I said:"NO,u are not wrong,i really like u..."
U answered:"I like u too...". At that nite,i shared dis with my 2 best frens at UTM..i excited until can't sleep
But suddenly u tell me:"we can't together...coz u r NOT CHRISTIAN!!! my mum dislike non-christian..."i cried for whole nite after knew it,but i tell myself,i must be strong...i slowly forget u in my mind...
After a week,u sms me,said that u still want be my fren....
U treat me so gud,everynite called me when we having sem break from nov-dec..
After back from sem break,v 1st time go dating(although my frens went oso)...
1st time v take d sweet photo with u...n....1st time u give me a little teddy bear...a couple bear..i keep the gal n u keep the boy...from that moment,i so chinese new year,u called me with me...i sick ady,u care for me..
But,sumthing bad happen after v bek from cny...i know is my fault but after dis thing happen,only i knew wat type of guy u r....a TURTLE!!!
All of ur frens and coursemates knew about dis,u hide urself and let me face it myself....called u for 3 days,sms...oso no respon....everynite,i cried....after 3 days,u called me,u said u believe me but not ur frens..but???
U really make me dissapointed...everyday u play dota,i let u go.You want me follow wat u said,ok,i follow...but how u treat me?ask yourself?
I said want cut off friendship with u,u said dun want...u want b fren with me..
but i tell u..if i love you,i can't just be a usual fren with u! If u want me to do so,SORRY,we no more frens!!!
Lastly,i want tell u that i still love u but unfortunely,v dun have fate together..
n may GOD bless you..
Take care,turtletine...